Halogen Oven

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  •   Morningware Halo Oven without a ring
    Model # HO1200M-WOR

    Price: $79.99 (Plus Shipping & Handling)

    The Morningware Halo Oven™ produces results that will amaze you and it is the best cooking combination available today. It cooks fresh or frozen inside out, quickly and easily while retaining moisture, tenderness, and still browning and crisping without adding additional fats or oils. The infrared waves create a grease release and starts immediately to liquefy the naturally occurring fats in foods, along with calories, drip into the glass drip tray, leaving food healthier and amazingly tender and tasty! It's great for re-heating leftovers and for fast preparation of purchased frozen meals.

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    Product Description
    • Worldwide patented Countertop convection infrared halogen oven
    • Uses conduction, convection, halogen and infrared technology
    • Cooks 50% faster than conventional oven
    • 75% more efficient than conventional ovens
    • Cooking capacity of 18 liter, holding up to 23lbs turkey
    • No need to preheat or defrost
    • Smokeless and odorless
    • Digital controls
    • Cooking temperature from 185°F up to 400°F
    • Cooking time from 1 minute up to 10 hours
    • 2 hours of cook time delay function
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Stainless steel grill with a tempered glass tray
    • Prepare anything you can cook in a regular oven
    • Bake, Broil, Roast, BBQ, Toast, Grill, Steam, Air fry, Dehydrate
    • Package comes with Instructional Manual, 50 Recipes, Laminated Quick Start Cooking Chart and Warranty Card
    Product Dimensions
    • Weight: 13 lbs.
    • Dimensions: 14"H x 13"L x 11"W
    • Electricity: 1200Watt

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